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Mythical Learning provides a platform for developers to read source code, blog according to their choice in quick and in efficient way. With our site anyone can learn, develop and its all free.

It's an open source project. Feel free to visit my github repository


Get best data

With loads of data on various site we provide the best data on this platform according to your need. This include providing reliable source of information with links to justify that its true. For example showing best answer among thousands of competitive programming answers

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Save time while reading

On one click get all the data in front of you. For any problem get answer with click and interactive feature you can read the source code easily in your desire language.

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Read blogs on the go

With many sources we provide famous blogs which are worth reading. Rather than loading various tabs we provide feature to read blog on the same page with iframe

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Get many famous courses with Codeforces Dataset

While solving problems on some competitive programming we might get stuck to the problem and want to see some expert answers, so here we provide you the best answer among thousands of answers sorted by their rating and you can view each of them in just one click at a time

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Get data from famous sources

Currently we have more than 100,000+ data to show you

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